Best For Grill

Tiger Prawns

A moderately hot fire and well-oiled grill are best for cooking prawns, to keep it moist and prevent it from sticking.

Indian Mackerel

It grills well with chilli paste! If using an outdoor grill, one should preheat it by starting the fire 30 minutes before cooking.


The well-oiled grill is best for cooking wild-caught squid, to keep it tender and moist inside.


Stingrays are perfect for grilling whether whole or only steaks. Hot oiled pan prevents the delicate skin from sticking.

Steaming Items

Chinese Pomfret

Fill your pan with one inch of water, and place fish on a steamer rack within the covered pan, then boil the water until it is thoroughly cooked.

Flower Grouper

Steaming is an excellent method for cooking flower grouper fish.

Crucifix Crab

Steaming remains the best method for cooking fresh crucifix crabs! Make sure you have yummy dipping sauce handy!

Fry Them Differently

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    Frigate Mackerel

    Make sure you have all ingredients ready before cooking as you won’t have preparation time in between! Add olive oil in your pan, stir fry the fish with your choice of sliced vegetables and add the light sauce for flavouring. Goes best with curry!

  • 02

    Spanish Mackerel

    Pan-frying is great for fish fillets! Heat your pan and put in some olive oil or butter, then place the fish in to cook it thoroughly.

  • 03

    Threadfin Bream Long

    Fish and chips! Heat oil in a deep fryer, then rinse fish, pat dry and season with salt and pepper while waiting. Prepare the batter with your selection of preferred ingredients like flour, salt, pepper, egg, and more, then dip in fish fillets and drop it into hot oil to fry till golden brown.

Heroes Behind the Company

We are a team of passionate professionals offering you a selection of over 100 seafood items to choose from, including abalone steaks, wild salmon, fresh halibut, king crab legs, sushi-grade tunas and specialty items such as john dory fillets, live wild spot prawns, lobster tails and fresh Dungeness crab meat.

Order today and have your dream fish delivered to your refrigerator within 24 hours!

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