Visiting Europe? Try Seafood!

1. Bergen, Norway

Situated in Western Norway, Bergen is the country’s second-largest city with a thousand-year history. We strongly advise you visit it if you enjoy fish, seafood and a calm vacation. Travellers praise the city for the variety and taste of freshly caught fish. Be sure to visit the fish market, where alongside seafood and freshly caught fish you will find various souvenirs.

Norway as a whole is known as a fish country, so people cook everything from it. Fish soups are especially popular in Bergen, and people cook them on every possible occasion. Local Bergen fish soup made with whitefish fillet and unpeeled shrimp is surprisingly easy to prepare and has a delightful taste.

2. Galway, Ireland

For more than fifty years this Irish city has been renowned for the Galway International Oyster Festival, an extravagant and special food event for real gastronomes. This festival is the biggest of its kind in Ireland and the oldest oyster festival in the world. Every October since 1954 thousands of seafood lovers have gathered in this small city on the west coast of Ireland to celebrate the beginning of oyster season.

During the International Oyster Festival various tastings and banquets are organised. A food village is constructed in the central square, where impressive parades, the yearly Oyster Festival opening ceremony, live music performances, dances and children’s games are held.

The Irish have a joke that anyone can eat oysters, but not everyone can shuck them. Shucking an oyster can prove to be challenging even for the best professional chefs, this is why the championship is quite serious and is respected by seafood experts, amateur and professional chefs alike.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona can make the dreams of even the biggest foodie come true. This city’s traditional cuisine uses products from the nearby sea and mountains. The local climate creates a perfect conditions to cultivate vegetables and fruits, and also to have fish and seafood on the plate all year round.

Dishes from Barcelona combine seemingly incompatible ingredients – red meat can be served with fish. The city is best known for its splendid fish and seafood dishes that can be eaten even twice a day.

This city, once a fishing town, hosts many good seafood restaurants. Even if you are not a big fan of fish, however, don't be put off – the local cuisine will have something to offer you.